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Meet the Bloggers

(Left to right: Monica Choudhary, Lydia Castillo and Luiza Gaysina)
Monica Majumdar-Choudhary I’m a Community Engagement Officer for Oxford Brookes University and a Brookes alumnus. I have met a lot of great people through my job, and together with my passion for travelling, it makes every day a new exciting experience.
Lydia Castillo Hey everyone! I am an undergraduate student [Politics and Sociology]. I work with Brookes in their Community Engagement team and as an International Student Helper. These jobs not only develop my professional skills but also meet amazing people! 
Luiza Gaysina I’m a student at Brookes in my final year [PHD in Marketing]. I love working with the Brookes Community Engagement team because they are friendly professionals who are very passionate about community work. I feel very lucky because being a student, Brookes employee and volunteer provides me with an opportunity to give back to the community in Oxford that’s been my “home away from home” for the last 4 yea…

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